Thursday, 15 September 2011

Gift from god; is a brother♥

A brother is a gift from god...
The brother who god has
gifted me is Saravanan Sivakumar...

About my Kutti Pandii Vishalini♥

Came into this world on: 22/08/1998
Words can describe her:Lovinqq,Sweet,Awesome,Beautiful,Carinqq,Charminqq,Adorable,and Pretty Sistaa...
Favourite Food:Chicken Rice
Favourite Colour: Black & Pink
Birthday Wishes:Happy Birthdayy my Kutti Pandii Vishalini...May god bless youhh alwayss..Stay pretty,Sweet,Cute and Lovinqq lyke how youhh are alwayss babyma. No matter wad happens i will be alwayss rite beside youhh to guide youhh in the rite path...No matter wad happens no one can ever replace youhh in my heart...Youhh got the key for my heart as well for my happiness youhh got the key...Happy Birthday My Chammak Chello:)) Cant wait to see youhh and celebrate your birthday with all my sweethearts:)) Youhh are nothinqq short of my sight:))

About my Cute and Charminqq Brother Saravanan♥

Name:Saravanan s/o Sivakumar
Came into this world on: 13/09/1999
Words can describe hyme:Lovely,Caring,Sweet,Charmingg,Cute,Adorable and Handsome.
Hys Favourite Word: Banguni Banguni
Favourite Game: Blackshot
Birthday Wishes: Happy Birthday may god bless youhh...My sweet bby boii i will always love youhh...Sorry for the belated message my boii...Dun angry wif me da im sorry abt tad day da...Will never fight wif youhh again my ShayanqqLove...ILoveYouhhMyCharminqqBro♥Wouldnt wanna end this relationship juz here because, I wanna be your sistaa forever babybro...

♥ Will never regret you ♥

Baby it may not be for long that I have known you.
But for some reason it feels like I have known you forever.


You are one of the best thing that has ever happened to me.
I never thought I would be head over heels for you.
I don't feel any changes in me.
But everyone around me feels that I am changing.

Maybe this is what happens when you are in love.
I don't know.
Never have I been so in love with anyone.
And baby tell me what have you done?

Every moment spent with you is still not enough.
The moment I leave you, I start to miss you.

I just love the way you are.
Trust me baby, I will never want to leave you.
But baby promise me you won't leave me.


The moment you leave me will be the end of me.

Cause baby you are my life.
Everyday I wish that you will be mine forever.
Hopefully the god hears me and you will always be my side.


Love you baby and this are just not words.
Every time I say those words randomly, I mean it.
And it comes from within me.

Love you and never will I let you go ♥

♥ Baby you gotta study ♥

Welcoming myself back to my blog.

  I understand that I have made many mistakes in life.
Would sound better if I phrased it as 

Many mistakes in the path towards my education.
Took the wrong part basically =.=

Mistakes are made for us to learn from them.
 Not to be stuck in the mistake.
But why am I stuck and am not being given a second chance.

Or was I given and I let it slip away?

No matter what I should still not give up.
Commitments ( I am afraid of )
But right now I have to persevere and commit.
I have to make sure that I can commit to what I am going to do.

I am all prepared for the future.
Hopefully my plan goes with the flow.
  God make my like colorful !!!

Though many of my decisions turned out to be the total opposite of my expectations,
I still believe in my choices
& this time round I am making sure that the end result is what I want it to be.

Baby you have got to start working hard
& make sure you do your parents proud. 

For all the things they have scarified

& for all the things they have done for you,

You have got to show you appreciate them.

& the only way to make them happy would be 
to do them proud.


Doing them proud not only satisfy them but gives you a brighter future.
At the end of the day, you have to live with it.
 And for that make sure it is something worth you are living with.  


♥ Mynaa Mynaa ♥

Mynaa mynaa nenjukulle vambu pannure
Mynaa mynaa enna solla enna kollure
Sollu pulle enna achu sollamaley maraikkadhey
Nenju mele kayya vachu kannalay nee sirikkadhey
Eenna marandhey thalli irunthida thuninjathu sariya sariya
Thannan thaniye enna thavippule erinjathu muraya muraya
Enakkedhum puriyave ille padhil pesa varuviya
Mynaa mynaa

Siminikku manneneya pola sithiraikku uchi veyyil pola
Neeyum enakkaga
Uyir vaazhven unakkaga
Sakkarathai pola suthi varum aasai kannu mayya vaangi theetthikiren meesai
Adiye nee manalai thiricha kayiraa
Kodiye nee usirai kadainja thayiraa

Mynaa mynaa nenjukulle vambu pannure
Mynaa mynaa enna solla enna kollure
 Katta vandi sellum vazhi theda undivillu jalli kallai theda
Naanum unna thedi
Alainjeney manam vaadi
Pallikkoodam poyum yera villai paadam
Pallan kuzhi aada kooda ille neeyum
Thunayaa nee irundha jeyippen oora
Kanavaa nee kalaincha nenaippan theera

Mynaa mynaa nenjukulle vambu pannure
Mynaa mynaa enna solla enna kollure
Sollu pulle enna achu sollamaley maraikkadhey
Nenju mele kayya vachu kannalay nee sirikkadhey
Enna marandhey thalli irunthida thuninjathu sariya sariya
Thannan thaniye enna thavippule erinjathu muraya muraya
Adayalam theriyave ille
Pudusa nee porandhiya
Mynaa mynaa

♥ Don't want to let go ♥

Special is the word that describes you.
But I don't understand.
Right now I feel like I am after you.
Can't you understand that I am seeking attention from you.

Well you have rejected me once in a very indirect way.
And right now I am just not willing to take another chance.

I know that I am afraid to lose you.
But I am not sure if it is love.
When I hear you talking about this girl and that girl,
I just wish you would say
" But no one matters when you are there. "

A full stop can continue if we were to put another dot beside.
How I wish our story would continue.

I cannot make up my mind.
I understand that it is annoying when someone can't make up their mind.
But you make me think.
Every time something makes me think.

The only person I have ever felt this way towards is you.
I am the one out of mind now.

No matter how much I express,
my feelings are not expressed.
This feeling is just not describable.

Butterflies when I think of our relationship.
Wanting to hear the three words from you.
Wanting to hold you close yet don't want it to happen.

Maybe its a fear.
A voice in me saying don't.
And another voice saying do.
A feeling of something similar might happen.
A feeling that something might go wrong.

I wish I just never had anything with you.
Maybe a guilt in my heart is going to stay forever.

I may say things such as friend more important.
I don't prioritize you.
I would rather be and bla bla bla.

But the truth is if I prioritize my friends,
Lots of things would be different.
I have this bad habit.
I am not like you.
I think about others before myself.
Ya I am selfish to a certain extent.
I think about myself but I would do things for others,
even when it means i have to lose something.

I am trying to change cause like you said,
No use of thinking of others.

But you are not others, are you?
Well maybe in your eyes you are but to mine you are not.

The best part is I am not comfortable enough with anyone to talk about how i really feel.
No one knows what I feel.
I am not expressive enough.

The most I do is cry to myself,
Or just think about and in my heart
and console myself.

How pathetic.
I just don't want to let go.
But if you don't care,
Then I should not care either.
Or maybe should act like I don't care.
To make myself happy at least.